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You eat with your eyes - Creativity boosts sales!

Bake and display? You can do much more than that. You can push our products to their absolute limits! You can transform our Pretzel Triangle into a delicious meal, conjure up a fruity eye-catcher from our tasty croissant or turn a donut into the Cookie Monster, bringing a glow to the faces of your youngest customers.

In our creative seminars, you will learn just how diverse our deep-frozen bakery goods really are. We cover everything from snacks, sweet pastries, breakfasts and lunches to baking, garnishing, selling and presenting – the seminars are carefully tailored to your needs and wishes.

Our technical advisors convey the compact content of each seminar simply and practically, enabling you to incorporate what you’ve learned directly into the everyday running of your business. Use our knowledge to benefit your sales!

Where do the seminars take place?

You can either arrange a date at your own premises through your sales agent or you can attend one of our seminars at your nearest BÄKO centre.

How long does each seminar last?

Depending on the breadth and depth of the topic, you can expect our seminars to take around two hours. We also offer full-day workshops for groups of at least 15 people.

Our Seminar Programme

Our technical advisors

We are pleased to present our expert team of technical advisors: Michael Wieland, Marcel Schmidt and Thomas Link. Their innovative and creative ideas bring a breath of fresh air to your product ranges!

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Michael Wieland
Team Leader Technical Advice

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Marcel Schmidt
Technical Advisor

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Thomas Link
Technical Advisor


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