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Gold in 2018
Cinnamon Swirl
Item no.: 39152
Weight: 125g
The moreish speciality from northern Germany! Delicious croissant pastry interwoven with a cinnamon sugar and apricot kernel filling. high-quality croissant pastry with a high butter content (20 %);very moist pastry thanks to the apricot kernel filling;refined with cinnamon sugar;unusual and attractive appearance
Apple Quark Dream
Item no.: 39156
Weight: 135g
Pure temptation made with apple and quark, topped with a delicate short pastry lattice. laminated yeast dough with a decorative short crust pastry lattice;chunky apple filling with a natural fruity flavour;enhanced with cinnamon and raisins;combined with fresh quark
Gold in 2018
Butter Quark Turnover
Item no.: 39158
Weight: 145g
The Butter Quark Turnover with a difference: Folded by hand and deliciously moist thanks to a generous filling of fresh quark. flaky laminated yeast dough with a crisp surface;generously filled with moist fresh quark;high stability;traditional method of folding the pastry by hand
Apricot Quark Dream
Item no.: 39168
Weight: 125g
A light and creamy temptation: fruity apricots on delicate fresh quark in fine laminated butter yeast dough. laminated yeast dough with a double filling;with a chunky apricot filling;filling with high fruit content of 60%;light fresh quark
Chocolate- and Vanilla-Cream Crescent
Item no.: 39169
Weight: 125g
An eye-catcher for your snack bar and thoroughly moreish: Pastry filled from end to end with the finest Swiss chocolate cream combined with light vanilla cream. fine laminated yeast dough with a very attractive appearance;Swiss chocolate cream that melts in the mouth;with delicate vanilla-cream;pastry filled from end to end
Gold in 2018
Raspberry Quark Basket
Item no.: 39184
Weight: 130g
A refreshingly fruity experience with a home-made raspberry filling and plenty of fresh quark in a crispy laminated yeast dough basket. crispy laminated yeast dough basket made with best pure butter; home-made fruit filling with aromatic raspberries; combined with fresh quark; attractive appearance with the red and white filling
Poppy Seeds and Quark Turnover
Item no.: 39208
Weight: 150g
Double filling, doubly delicious: this butter boat is made from laminated yeast dough and is topped with creamy fresh quark and a moist poppy seed filling. High-quality and flaky laminated yeast dough with a high butter content (24 %);Stays fresh for a long time thanks to the special pastry recipe;Attractive appearance with visible fillings arranged side by side;Light creamy quark alongside a moist and aromatic poppy seed filling;Handcrafted appearance;Traditional Austrian speciality
Apricot Quark Basket
Item no.: 39218
Weight: 130g
So much apricot, so much quark: the Apricot Quark Basket is a deliciously fresh, fruity and flavoursome experience. crisp butter puff pastry basket;double fresh quark and apricot filling with chunks;perfect balance between filling and pastry;the appetizing filling is visible through the lattice
Apricot Danish
Item no.: 39219
Weight: 150g
A classic on top form: juicy apricot halves on a quark and vanilla cream in a high-quality butter laminated yeast dough. deliciously moist and pleasantly sweet pastry;delicately flaky laminated yeast dough with a high butter content (24%);attractive shape;apricot halves placed by hand on a combined filling of quark and vanilla cream;filled right to the ends;high-quality apricots selected by hand
Cherry Puff Pastry Turnover
Item no.: 39224
Weight: 125g
Fruity home-made cherry filling in buttery puff pastry. crispy butter puff pastry with a sugar crust;home-made filling made with whole cherries; particularly fruity
Gold in 2018
Plum and butter crumble slice
Item no.: 39225
Weight: 160g
Yeast pastry with plum in all its delicious facets: topped with 3 juicy plum halves and filled with plum fruit filling. Pastry made from light and moist butter yeast dough;Attractively topped with three plum halves on a plum fruit filling with 60% fruit content;Filled with additional plum fruit filling at both sides for a particularly fruity experience;Decorated with crunchy butter crumble;Handcrafted appearance with plum halves added by hand;Stays fresh for a long time after baking
Strawberry Quark Basket
Item no.: 39236
Weight: 130g
Enjoy this mouth-watering, crispy pastry with a refreshingly fruity filling, containing chopped strawberries and a generous helping of fresh quark. laminated yeast dough with a crispy lattice;home-made fruit filling of deliciously aromatic whole strawberries;combined with fresh quark;appealing appearance with a red and white filling

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