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Pretzel Croguette
Item no.: 30566
Weight: 100g
Crunchy and delicately flaky sandwich base made from a savoury pretzel butter croissant pastry. innovative product that combines the soft pastry of a croissant with the classic shape of the pretzel baguette;butter croissant pastry with large pores and 21% butter content in the baked product;slightly salty crust thanks to the pretzel finish, attractively highlighted by scoring in three places;perfect size and shape for sandwiches and snacks;stays fresh for a long time after baking
Silver in 2018
Pretzel Triangle
Item no.: 39010
Weight: 100g
The Laugen croissant with a difference: A delicate triangular croissant pastry with a slighty salty crust – perfect for fillings. butter croissant pastry with large, open pores;pretzel-style savoury taste;perfect shape for fillings;stays fresh for a long time
Spinach Strudel with Feta Cheese
Item no.: 39017
Weight: 125g
Spinach with tangy feta cheese: a tangy treat! savoury laminated yeast dough;homemade spinach filling based on own recipe with feta cheese;sprinkled with cheese;a classic snack;can be eaten hot or cold
Red Pepper and Tomato Strudel
Item no.: 39018
Weight: 125g
This vegetarian snack with sweet peppers, tomatoes and sweetcorn is deliciously seasoned. laminated yeast dough with filling;hearty filling with red peppers, tomatoes and sweetcorn; deliciously garnished with sesame seeds
Silver in 2018
Cheese Spiral
Item no.: 39019
Weight: 130g
With two kinds of cheese this pastry spiral is a deliciously moist yet crispy snack: filled with exquisite mozzarella cream and topped with a slice of baked Gouda. moist laminated butter yeast dough spiral with 2 kinds of cheese;filled with mozzarella cream;topped with a slice of Gouda;keeps fresh for a long time;voluminous, hand-made appearance
Multi-Grain Twist with Turkey and Vegetables
Item no.: 39020
Weight: 120g
A clever, hand-twisted snack made with butter puff pastry, a finely seasoned vegetable filling and diced turkey. crispy butter puff pastry;filled with succulent diced turkey and a vegetable mix of tomatoes, onions, peppers and mushrooms;refined with wild garlic;garnished with cheese, sesame seeds and linseeds
Antipasti Veggie Corner
Item no.: 39021
Weight: 120g
A delicious Italian-style snack: Lightly fried courgette, aubergine and red pepper wrapped in a crisp snack pastry garnished with cheese and wood garlic. savoury laminated yeast dough corner with typically Italian antipasti vegetables;very chunky filling with a delicate consistency;marinated vegetable mix refined with herb pesto; aromatic and appealing cheese and wood garlic topping
Croissant with Hamcubes and Cheese
Item no.: 39035
Weight: 105g
Our savoury croissant with diced ham has a new and improved recipe: aromatic ham and cheese filling in a delicious combination with flaky croissant pastry. crispy and savoury butter croissant pastry with defined pores;filled with diced cooked ham;in a cheesy cream with Edam and Gouda;generously garnished with grated cheese;voluminous bake;a hearty snack for between meals
Cream Cheese Hot Pepper Snack
Item no.: 39048
Weight: 110g
Hot, spicy and on trend - our vegetarian snack with a delicate cream cheese hot pepper filling. innovative snack with unusual filling;made of laminated pastry with sweet corn and cornmeal, enriched with sunflower seeds;vegetarian filling with cream cheese and chopped hot peppers;in keeping with the popular “hot and spicy” trend (jalapeños, hot peppers etc.);eye-catching appearance with decorative scoring and visible filling;crunchy decor with granulated corn meal;practical shape for eating on the go
Tomato Mozzarella Spiral
Item no.: 39050
Weight: 130g
This hearty spiral with a vegetarian tomato and mozzarella filling is the perfect snack for between meals. Vegetarian snack with the popular “Mediterranean” flavour;Flaky laminated yeast dough in an attractive spiral;Visible tomato and mozzarella filling, refined with basil;Combined filling optimally distributed throughout the pastry;Moist pastry that stays fresh for a long time;Can be transformed in many different ways before and after baking;Serve hot or cold
Gold in 2018
Sweetcorn Pastry with Garnish (crunchy sweetcorn granules)
Item no.: 39052
Weight: 105g
The moist crumb and delicately crunchy surface make the Sweetcorn Pastry the perfect base for a tasty snack. unusual pastry with sweetcorn and cornmeal;enriched with sunflower seeds;sprinkled with sweetcorn granules for a delicious crunch;stays fresh for a long time after baking;perfect for filling
Filled Pizza Slice Prosciutto
Item no.: 39064
Weight: 180g
Great for on the go: this finely filled pizza slice is delicately topped with ham and onions, has a popular flavour and is neat to eat. “Ham and onion” pizza slice with a hearty topping and a deliciously moist filling;Tasty topping with a seasoned tomato sauce, strips of ham shoulder, diced onion, tomato chunks and grated cheese;Filled with a tomato and cheese sauce, seasoned with oregano;The pizza dough contains semolina and is laminated with butter, ensuring it stays fresh for a long time after baking;Handy shape for eating on the go
Filled Pizza Slice Margherita
Item no.: 39065
Weight: 170g
This pizza slice is a double tomato treat: topped with lots of tomato chunks and filled with a tasty tomato and cheese sauce. “Margherita”-style pizza slice with a fruity topping and a deliciously moist filling;Tasty topping with seasoned tomato sauce, tomato chunks and grated cheese;Aromatic filling with a tomato and cheese sauce seasoned with oregano;The pizza dough is made with semolina and laminated with butter ensuring the pastry stays fresh for a long time after baking;Handy shape with “to-go” character
Spinach Twist with Feta Cheese
Item no.: 39066
Weight: 125g
A practical shape, tasty filling and vegetarian ingredients come together in this deliciously exquisite snack. made from laminated dough with sweetcorn and corn flour;with sunflower seeds;tangy spinach filling with feta cheese;sprinkled with sesame seeds;attractive shape, twisted by hand;wholly vegetarian
Cheese Stick
Item no.: 39067
Weight: 105g
Crispy puff pastry stick filled with cheese cream. crispy stick made with butter puff pastry;filled with a cheese cream with mozzarella and grated hard cheese;garnished with grated cheese;easy to eat
Ham and Cheese Stick
Item no.: 39068
Weight: 105g
Crisp puff pastry stick filled with a tasty ham and cheese filling. crispy stick made with butter puff pastry;filled with cooked ham cubes in a cheese cream with Gouda and Edam;garnished with grated cheese and Provençal herbs;easy to eat
Filled Pizza Slice Salami
Item no.: 39075
Weight: 170g
Topped with plenty of sliced salami, this aromatic pizza slice has a juicy filling and comes in a practical shape, making it a flavoursome contemporary snack for on the go. trendy pizza snack with a classic topping and juicy filling;topped with tangy salami slices, tomato chunks and grated cheese on fruity tomato sauce;also filled with a tomato cheese sauce, seasoned with oregano;laminated with butter, the pizza dough with semolina stays fresh for a long time and can be reheated in the oven without losing freshness;perfect for eating on the go
Potato Triangle
Item no.: 39076
Weight: 100g
Our Potato Triangle has a crunchy bite but is soft inside, making it the perfect base for savoury snacks and a popular addition to every selection of rolls. Fine butter croissant pastry with potato flakes;garnished with crunchy potato granules;moist crumb, crisp surface;stays fresh for a long time after baking;voluminous;triangular shape perfect for fillings

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